Why EconomX?

Why partner with EconomX?

I’m in Supply or Procurement for a Major Project
After many years designing and delivering Local and Regional Content strategies for Major Projects, we identified significant gaps in the technology toolkit. EconomX fills these gaps.

EconomX is designed by industry for industry, but we also have a very clear presence in regional communities. We proactively look for ways to make regional content a commercial benefit for major projects who want to be socially progressive. We enjoy designing smart and savvy solutions, rather than just ticking a box.
We do tick the box as well – as a recognised software provider for Australian Industry Plans but our interests, like our clients, are far broader than that.

EconomX has built relationships with economic development organisations and all levels of government across Australia. This makes us the ideal partner to get a Major Project truly connected with regional suppliers.

Our platform is new and flexible, backed by a team of expert data-driven professionals. Our advice spans the full lifecycle of a project, covering commercial aspects as well as social license to operate.

Most of all, our philosophy is to partner and empower. We don’t just provide a technology platform, we provide a way to connect with the community and make your contribution count to the overall growth of the region.

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I’m a top-tier contractor looking to increase regional content
Whether you’re looking to develop your capability on Regional Content for client projects or operations, compliance or competitive advantage, we can help.

EconomX can do all the hard work in managing suppliers on your EconomX platform. It’s free for them to register, so it’s simple for you to just list your scope of work and have instant access to our network. Market research and regional capability assessment is a breeze with EconomX.

You bring your ideas, we bring enthusiasm and we work together to achieve goals that benefit both your business and the region in which you’re operating.

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I’m interested in being a supplier to Major Projects
EconomX is completely free for you to register, and always will be. Your profile is on an equal footing with other businesses who register. You can upload your capability statement, and keep your business’s details visible making it easier to represent yourself.

EconomX makes direct connections between buyer and supplier. There is no intermediary, so what you put in your supplier profile and response answers will be how you are represented to the buyer.

Our purpose is to make it easier for you to connect and grow.

When it comes time to express your interest in Major Projects, our Market Enquiries process is completely online. Your profile works for all opportunities, and it’s easy to answer market enquiries when projects are looking for local knowledge.

There’s no downside to being on EconomX at all!

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How we work with Major Projects



We meet with you to learn about what you need from your regional content strategy.


We undertake a Discovery Process. We listen, make observations and we can also talk with your regional community about what they want from your regional content strategy.


We meet again – all of our 30+ years of experience in regional content combines to contribute to your regional content strategy design.


We set you up with the EconomX platform – plugging in the modules that complement your strategy and your existing software environment in procurement, employment or stakeholder relations.


We work on an ongoing basis with your team to help you get maximum value from your strategy and the EconomX platform. This can include taking your strategy out into the field, getting suppliers onto the platform, and partnering with government and economic development organisations.