About Us

We believe that better Local & Regional Content practices have a significant potential to drive positive economic and social outcomes across Regional Queensland, Australia and beyond.

For the last 10 years the team behind EconomX has been learning the lessons, both good and bad, about the impact Major Projects have on Regional Communities.

At EconomX we want to take those lessons and turn them into solutions. Whether through design, development or partnership we are committed to finding contemporary ways of delivering Local & Regional Content outcomes.

The reality is that sustainable regional economic growth will not be achievable until there are better ways in which local businesses can access a greater amount of the spend opportunities, both public and private, available in their region.
And in order to achieve that those local businesses must prove they have the capability and capacity to deliver value, efficiency and reliability.

EconomX is designed to work in partnership with Economic Development stakeholders to facilitate commercial, economic and social benefits for regional supply chains, the Major Projects they host and the communities they sustain.

We are grateful to a number of key local stakeholders and industry experts who have provided their advice, input and support into the design of EconomX thus far.

About my.economx

EconomX is about making it easier for supply and demand to connect, exchange information and ultimately engage in establishing business relationships that result in economic growth, social dividends and Local & Regional Content outcomes.

Whether you’re a small business or a Major Project you’re welcome to join us with EconomX
As a supplier you’ll never be charged for having a profile so all you need to worry about is keeping your details updated and relevant.

As a buyer on EconomX we’ll be providing a range of options to help your business or project connect with the market place.

Businesses that decide to sign up to EconomX will initially be asked to complete a basic identification profile and register their interest to receive project information. As the EconomX strategy progresses we’ll help you build more comprehensive profiles and put you in touch with more opportunities and information
Finally, we always welcome your view on Regional Economic Development strategy and how jobs and growth can stimulate proud, progressive and supportive regional communities.

If you’d like to share your opinion then please complete one of our surveys below